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Shanghai Ceramic Society SCS was established in 1948. Now there are more than 2000 members in the SCS. All of these members are distributed in more than 100 factories, research units and also unive...
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2017 Postgraduate Forum on Advance Materials Held in Shanghai
 “2017 Postgraduate Forum on Advanced Materials” was held at Shanghai Institute of Technology on 1st Dec. 2017. This forum was designed to create a good atmosphere for scientific innovation, prom...
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SCS holds 2017 annual summing up meeting of Furnace and E... (2018.05.24)
Members of SCS Hu Lili, Dong Shaoming and Huang Fuqiang w... (2018.05.24)
2017 Postgraduate Forum on Advance Materials Held in Shan... (2018.05.24)
Vice President of SCS Liu Changsheng elected as an academ... (2018.05.24)
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Pens filled with high-tech inks for do-it-yourself sensors (2015.03.10)
New process recycles valuable rare earth metals from old ... (2015.03.10)
Experimental Researches on the Growth Characteristics of ... (2012.07.20)
Research Progress in All Solid-state Thin Film Lithium Ba... (2012.07.20)
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·SIC China 2019 , The 11th International Industrial Ceramics Expo(2019.04.22)
·2018 International Symposium on Glass Advanced Melting Technology(2017.05.22)
·The 28th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2017)(2016.12.12)
·The 7th Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo(2015.03.31)
·The 5th Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo(2013.02.21)
·Urgent Statement(2012.08.10)
·2004 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition on Advanced Inorganic Materials Technology & Equipment Shanghai International Symposium on Research and Application of Advanced Inorganic Materials(2012.08.10)
·2011 International Symposium on Advanced Glass Melting Technology(2012.08.10)
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